Yulia Iosilzon

Yulia Iosilzon received her Bachelors Degree from  Slade School of Fine Art, UCL in 2017. Then she enrolled to Royal College of Art, Painting, to complete Masters Degree. Was awarded with Audrey Wykeham Prize and Bloomberg New Contemporaries prize in 2019.

Yulia Iosilzon draws on children’s illustration, fashion and theatre to posit fragmentary narratives in large-scale works.

An initial readability in her work is thrown into question by the persistent use of techniques which serve to interrupt the image and break down earlier impressions of visual plenitude.

The circular approach to narrative is leavened with her lightness of touch. This is seen primarily through the artist’s own deployment of burlesque, the grotesque, irony and humour in images which use as their starting point everyday scenes.


2017- 2019 Royal College of Art, London, UK - MA Fine Art,

2013 - 2017 Slade School of Art, UCL London, UK - BA Fine Art,


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 Paradeosis Carvalho Park Gallery, NY, United States

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds, UK

2019 Varieties of Disturbance, Shelf Spanish City, Newcastle, UK

2019 Wolves by the Road, Assembly House, Leeds, UK

2019 Rub The Bronze Dog’s Nose, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow,

Splodge, Hockney Gallery, London, UK

2019 We Can Only Have Fun on Certain Days, Warbling Collective, London, UK

2019 Nourishment, Guests Space, London, UK

2019 AWB, Herrick Gallery, London

2018 Something Else, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2018 UJS Exhibition, London, UK

2018 More Life, Hockney Gallery, London, UK

2018 The Origin of Who, Kvadrat 16 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 Thumbnails, Hockney Gallery, London, UK

2017 We Are the Ones Vol I, Group Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark 

2017 Visions, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia 

2017 Slade Degree Show, Slade School of Fine Art, London

2016 Group Exhibition, Frames Gallery, London

2014 Shapes’, Group Exhibition, Art Moorhouse, London

2014 Group Interim Show, Woburn Square, Slade School of Fine Art, London 

2014 Foundation Final Show, CCW , London 



2019 Bloomberg New Contemporaries 

2016 Audrey Wykeham Prize, London