Not in show, 2019

Not in show, 2019


Oil on paper
57 x 75 cm


  • About the artist: Barbara Alegre

    Barbara Alegre is a Spanish visual artist currently working and living in Barcelona.She studied a Bachelor of Arts at Chelsea College of Art & Design, UCL, in 2004 and recently a Masters Degree in Painting at Royal College of Art. 

    Barbara’s work is attentive to ‘life forming questions’ which are probably accompanied with loneliness. Questions on time, memory and expiration, on the search of the origin, ontology, genealogy and identity, or on parenthood and the transmission of values.

    Her practice contemplates different materials and approaches depending on the subject matter and the project. Therefore, figuration, conceptualisation, abstraction, text, painting, sculpture, photography are all - possible - resulting outputs. 

    The work supports the idea of art being a shelter or safe place. Somewhere to return and reflect. Where quietness, intimacy, contemplation and delicacy aim to bring protection and freedom. A motherly act of care and embrace.

  • About the project: A Poetic Resolution

    Sotto Sale Market is pleased to present to you a series of works on paper by Barbara Alegre, an artist Sotto Sale Projects has been working with since its first exhibition in 2019. 


    Her artistic practice has always been intertwined with personal pain and moments of isolation that have shaped her life. Throughout the pandemic, Barbara’s experience has sadly been defined by the mourning that comes from the loss of loved ones.

    These selections of gouache, watercolour and oil paintings stand for signification and oscillate between image, subject and object. Her interest in Romanticism and contemporary everyday life, embodies a stereotyped sense of love, faith and death. Perceived from the outside rather than as an intimate personal experience, it reinforces certain absurdity and comedy inside a reflective and quiet thinking.

    Barbara’s ambivalent body of work is full of intimacy, beauty, and more than a pinch of pain. The use of text is subtle, embossed and  almost phantasmagorical, but pleasantly experienced through visual touch. Like an inner bubble of speech or a thought. Like a song stuck to the head that becomes a pop lyric added to an image. A poetic resolution of nostalgia and mainstream culture.