Sotto Sale Projects explores the relationship between conservation and change within exhibition making. By having an open-ending approach and considering art helpful for knowledge production, we try to find ways to relate art to the world. 


The project has a ramifying structure, it mutates. Having the promotion of emerging art practices as its main practical focus it invites them to unpack questions such as: "What else is important?/What does this leads to?".

The project developed from the accumulation of the different layers that coexist in a single artistic practice or, even, a single exhibition. The collateral commitments that emerge from creative production. In doing so, Sotto Sale Projects aims to be an initiative from which many others could, potentially, grow.  


Maria Valeria Biondo

She is the Founder and Curator of Sotto Sale Projects. She is an Art Market Specialists for Modern Italian and Contemporary Art and a Sotheby's Institute of Art graduate. During her Bachelor Degree at Bocconi University (Milan), she developed an interest in art management and decided to pursue a career in the art world. 


Maria Valeria is currently pursuing an MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths University of London. For the past three years, she has been working with emerging artists and creatives across the UK and Europe, creating a coherent channel for the promotion of research-based art projects. Her curatorial research focuses on art practices that engage with embodiment, destruction and noise. She is interested in exploring noise stratification as a method of defiance. 

Instagram: @mariavaleriabiondo


Riccardo Rizzetto

He joined Sotto Sale Project as an online/ offline designer. In parallel to his design practice, he works in the communication field and he focuses his interests on how to connect online and offline experiences in order to create a single piece, from thinking a logo to running the social medias and then designing the interiors of a space.

While living in Venice where he got a BA in Architecture construction and Conservation at IUAV University, he also went to Central Saint Martins to study Interior Styling. He finally moved to London and got a MA in Interior Design at the School of Architecture at Royal College of Art.

Originally from Bassano del Grappa, he is now living in between London, Venice and his hometown designing and realising crafts furnitures with artisans and materials locally sourced.

Instagram @RiccardoRizz